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Enjoy the Benefits of Our Total Care Club Plan!

If you’re interested in keeping your energy bills low, our AC specialists can help! Many of our customers are members of our Total Care Club, which is a program that offers great deals and discounts. When you sign up to be a member, you can rest easy knowing that we can perform routine maintenance and several other convenient services that can ensure longer equipment lifespans and reduced energy costs for you. We’re also happy to work with your schedule.

Why Do So Many Customers Turn to Southern Coast Services?

We make your comfort and safety our top priority. By delivering rapid and efficient services while providing exceptional customer service, we’re able to set ourselves apart. Our ability to provide superior services for over 12 years has helped us become among the best AC service professionals in the industry.

Frequent Questions


How old is my unit?

Every unit is equiped with a manufacturer production date located on your condenser (outside unit).


How often should I change my air filter?

Every 30 days or if visible signs of damage. Failure to change air filters regularly can result in damage to your current system and shorten its life span. 


Is my old unit costing me more then replacing it?

Most likely it is. With new advancements in technology hvac units today typically use a minimum of 30% less electricity. Ask us about how you can get your heat load calculation!


Are smart thermostats easy to use?

Yes, the basic functionality is nearly the same and can be managed right from the thermostat. There are a bunch of additional features that can make a smart thermostat a set it and forget it device that helps save you money on your utilities.


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