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Angel Carmona
Angel Carmona 5.0

I trust the plumbers from Southern Coast Service to do a thorough job whenever I face any plumbing problems. They’re quick at identifying the root cause and get rid of it promptly too. They are my go-to plumbers and I definitely recommend them!

Carol Yuan
Carol Yuan 5.0
Michael Hodgson
Michael Hodgson 5.0

I was having many problems in my garden because of a damaged pipe. There was a lot of water piling up, so I immediately called them, and they arrived at my house. My tension subsided when he replaced it and helped me wipe the water. I was glad for their More...

Mary R. Wood
Mary R. Wood 5.0

I professionally serviced my HVAC before the winter season began. Southern Coast Services arrived on time and completed the task quickly.

Robert Adams
Robert Adams 5.0

The team arrived on schedule with an estimate for my little solar panel installation project. He gave me helpful advice and a detailed description of all the issues found during the house inspection.

Mark Jaynes
Mark Jaynes 5.0

The most important aspect of my interaction with the Southern Coast Services was their honesty. I hired them to install the new fan with the wiring. The electrician did it perfectly, and I highly recommend their services.

Tara Ledger
Tara Ledger 5.0

Great experience! I had a terrible leak under my kitchen sink. AJ was knowledgeable, friendly, and very thorough. Thank you

David J. Gutierrez
David J. Gutierrez 5.0

Steve was very honest about the prices to fix the AC unit. He serviced it, installed a thermostat and provided excellent service. Wonderful work! I fully recommend this company for their services.

Steve David
Steve David 5.0

The experience was great, and I haven't regretted trusting them for the service. Whether it be HVAC system installation or maintenance, the guys are awesome. Highly recommended.

Marilynn Paul
Marilynn Paul 5.0

Southern Coast Services did a great job explaining what's happening, understanding the problem, and providing solutions. He rectified the circuit panel that was tripping my home's electricity. I'm very happy with their service.

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