Hurricane Ian Relief

Southern Coast Services Bringing Donations to West Coast Communities Affected by Hurricane Ian. BOCA RATON, Florida – The Southern Coast Services family is accepting donations for the west coast residents affected by Hurricane Ian. Many residents have lost everything, and it is time to come together and help those in need.

Drop Off Location: 
1804 NW Madrid Way
Boca Raton, FL 33432


The link to our GoFundMe page is:


We will also accepting cash donations. If you are unable to drop off a donation, please call 561-584-8455 to see if pick up is available. 100 % of all of the proceeds and donations will go directly towards gathering the supplies below and the residents of the Ft Myers and all of the surrounding areas.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all residents affected by Hurricane Ian and to the first responders and volunteers who are tirelessly working to ensure the safety of all who were affected by this massive storm.

Please consider donating an item listed below.

Cleaning Supplies:
• Air freshener, 8- or 9- ounce can
• Bleach, 82 ounces
• Bucket, 5-gallon, with lid
• Cleaner, household, 12- to 16-ounce bottle
• Clothes pins
• Clothesline
• Detergent, liquid laundry
• Disinfectant dish soap
• Gloves, latex
• Gloves, work
• Masks, N-95 rating
• Scouring pads
• Scrub brush
• Sponges
• Towels for cleaning
• Trash bags, heavy-duty, 33- to 45-gallon, 24-bag roll

• Ax
• Generators
• Chain saw for clearing trees
• Hacksaw
• Hammer and nails
• Pliers, Phillips, and flathead
• Screwdriver
• Wrench
• Rope
• Flashlights
• Batteries
• Baby closets
• Women’s Cloths
• Men’s cloths

• Aspirin
• Bandages, adhesive
• First aid booklet
• Gauze
• Gloves, sterile,
• Ointments, antibiotic and burn relief
• Soap
• Sunscreen, SPF 30

Personal Hygiene:
• Hand sanitizer, alcohol based
• Soap
• Toothbrush
• Toothpaste
• Towel for bath
• Washcloth
• Baby diapers

• Medications, prescriptions
• Insect repellant that contains DEET
• Sturdy shoes (with toes and hard soles)
• Tarp, to cover roof damage or use as an outdoor shade

Food & Beverages:
• Water
• Breakfast cereal
• Granola bars
• Cookies
• Crackers
• Jerky
• Ready-to-eat meats in cans or pouches
• Baby Food
• Canned vegetables
• Peanut or another nut butter
• Trail mix
• Canned meals such as spaghetti/pasta
• Banned infant formula
• Baby/toddler foods in jars
• vitamins
• nonperishable (dry) foods for your pets.
• Manual can opener
• Metal pans and cooking utensils for cooking on a fire or grill
• Aluminum foil and plastic wrap
• Plastic forks, knives, and spoons
• Paper napkins and plates
• Storage bags for food
• Paper towels
• Garbage bags for disposing of trash
• Ice chest

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